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Eric Wilson, maker of the world's most successful Finn sails, has now joined the Banks Sails group. In 1996 Eric's customers won Gold and Silver Olympic medals in addition to the prestigious Finn Gold Cup. These sails are now available through Banks Sails in the UK at a competitive price. The sails are made at Eric's Banks Sails Wisconsin loft, cut to match the customer's mast, be it carbon or aluminium, from materials selected and tested by Eric.

All prices are exclusive of VAT and delivery.

Mainsail:   £694

Cut from Finn 3.8 PolyPreg complete with elastic luff & foot, battens, tell tales, cunningham block, clew slider, window, insignia, sail numbers and sailbag.

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Extra for class royalty label (per sail) :   £25.00

UK delivery rolled in protective tube:   £19.50

Flat top covers

Easy to fit and can be used with the mast up or down. The main halyard attachment webbing ring helps the cover to shed water.

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Over boom covers

For the ultimate in weather proofing, the over boom style ensures that water will not collect in the cover and allows air to circulate.

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Trailing covers

Trailing covers are top covers without openings for masts and shrouds. They reduce drag considerably when towing.

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Under covers

Undercovers protect the hull of the boat from knocks and scratches, particularly when trailing. Our undercovers are handmade from quality nylon.

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About Company

Banks Sails was founded because of the demand for dinghy and small keelboat sails designed by Bruce Banks and later by Ken Rose. They quickly established a reputation as an innovative supplier of top quality dinghy and small keelboat sails.


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